Astrill VPN Routers coupon code

Astrill is one of those company who allow you to use one single account of their VPN membership on multiple devices with the help of their router. Yes, you can step VPN connection on all devices at home or office with the help of Astrill VPN router.

Why you should use Astrill VPN Routers?


Just think about it, how easy it will become for you to use Astrill VPN on multiple devices without installing any extra software or application. But this is not the only benefit you are going to get with Astrill VPN router. The other benefits includes:

  • It is very easy to setup Astrill VPN on multiple devices
  • Easy to set-up even for those people who are not into technology things
  • Astrill router’s software makes your internet fast on all devices
  • You can use single Astrill VPN connection on multiple devices
  • Astrill router allow you to select that which device you want to give VPN access
  • Astrill router also allow you to use VPN services on Wi-Fi connection
  • Site filter option also allow you to select which website you want to go through VPN
  • Its feasible to use with all devices including TV, AppleTV, PC, Mac, Android and Apple etc
  • Astrill router works smoothly on all different operating system from Windows to Linux etc.

Astrill VPN Routers:

If you are looking for Astrill routers coupon code, then you must know about the different types of routers the Astrill offering to their customers. Currently they are selling three routers on their websites but it could be run beyond these three of them. Their official routers are TP-Link TL-WR703N, Tenda A301 and Netgear R6250. They comes up with different specification and prices. They has been designed for both personal/home user and business user.


How to get free Astrill VPN Routers:

There are two different ways to get Astrill VPN Routers for free. One is to purchase Astrill VPN services for two years where the second is to use Astrill VPN Routers coupon code which can be found online on coupon website. Although, Astrill VPN is offering bulk discount on each of their monthly, six months and yearly package through which you can save money when you purchase Astrill VPN Routers along with your VPN package. You don’t need to required to have Astrill VPN Routers coupon code if you avail this option.

If you purchase their three months or six months membership, then you will not able to enjoy the discount on the purchase of Astrill VPN Router. The price will be $50. But if you purchase their 1 year membership, then router’s price will be decreased up to $30 only where the monthly price of VPN membership will be also decrease.

You can get free Astrill VPN Routers without using Astrill VPN Routers coupon code and this could be done by purchasing their VPN membership for two years. This will also save you cost total cost on membership.