How to install Astrill on a DD-WRT supported router

The companies who are providing VPN services do offer their customized software and mobile application to use their VPN services but there are very limited VPN companies who allow you to setup VPN through your router. Astrill is one of those company who allow their users to setup their VPN on your router. By setting up Astrill VPN on your router, you will able to give access of VPN to all the connected devices for free. Yes, does not matter that how many people are using internet through one router, all of them will able to get benefits from Astrill VPN.


There are not special requirements to install Astrill on your router like DD-WRT instead v24 or newer; Mega, Big, VPN, OpenVPN builds. Although there are two different ways to install Astrill on DD-WRT supported router. Please make sure that Astrill did not work on all router, there are very limited routers which has been supported by Astrill and DD-WRT is one of them.

There are two different ways to install Astrill on a DD-WRT supported router, one is through Website by using the IP address of router where the second way to install Astrill VPN on a DD-WRT router is with the help of Astrill software. Following I am writing both ways so you can pick the one which you found the easy.

Install Astrill VPN on DD-WRT router via Web:

Step 1: Make sure that your computer is getting full signals of internet through your DD-WRT router. To confirm that, you can visit any random website.

Step 2: You need to open you router web control panel. This could be done by visiting the default IP address in web browser which is or it could be, this depends on the setting of your router.


Step3: Once the web control panel is opened, click on Administration option from main menu and then click on Commands option. Your router’s web control panel may asked you to enter username and password.

Step 4: On Command Shell, you need to type the following line:

eval `wget -q -O –`

Simply copy from here and paste to the command shell. Replace YOUR_EMAIL with your email address and YOUR_PASSWORD with your Astrill password. To run the command, you need to click on Run Commands option. If you have entered the correct information, then you will get a message of success.

Install Astrill VPN on DD-WRT router via Astrill application:

Step 1: Open Astrill application

Step 2: Click on Help option from main menu

Step 3: Select Router Setup option under drop down menu of Help

Step 4: The Router Setup Wizard will show you two option. Only select “Install Astrill on my router”

Step 5: Check the option (Find my router automatically) next to the Next option and click on Next button


Step 6: Astrill VPN will be installed automatically on your DD-WRT router within seconds. On the Finished page, you will the location of your Astrill installed tab which is usually “My Page” by default.

Step 7: Visit  on web browser  for DD-WRT firmware router. from this page, you can change setting like switch to different VPN servers, protocol settings and port etc.