How to set up Astrill VPN on a PC with Linux OS

Astrill is an advance VPN services provider which is meant to provide VPN solution to both home and business users that’s why their VPN privacy and security services are advance as compare to other related VPN companies. Instead of providing VPN solutions like hide your IP address and allow you to unblock the blocker websites, Astrill also provide you protection over your IP address, protect your online activities from third parties and prevent Geo targeting etc. So, calling Astrill a solution for advance VPN would not be wrong.


Astrill VPN is one of those companies who has designed and developed a customized software to each operating system and although has the mobile applications for Android and iOS users. As compare to other users, the Linux OS user may found it bit difficult to use Astrill VPN on a PC with Linux OS because their Linux software has been released later as compare to other software. So, today we bring the complete tutorial for you which will help you to set up Astrill VPN on a PC with Linux OS.

Step 1: Download Astrill Linux Application:

You can download Astrill Linux OS application for your PC from the official website of Astrill. The Astrill Linux application is free to download and use. There are two different types of application available at Astrill website for Linux users. Download application according to your Linux version. They are available in RMP and DEB formats.


Step 2: Install Astrill Linux Application:

once the downloading is completed, the application setup will be available on the download location. It would be either on Desktop or Download folder or any other specific location which you have assigned at the time of downloading. The file name would be astrill-stepup-linux.rmp or .deb. You need to double click on this file to start installing Astrill in your PC with Linux OS.

Step 3: All Astrill to install in your Linux:

Once you click on the file for installation. A new screen will be appeared on your computer screen. You need to allow Linux to install this application. For this purpose, you need to enter your Linux user account password. The installation may take few seconds to 2 minutes to get completed.

Step 4: Restart your computer after installation:

It is highly recommended to reinstall your PC with Linux OS once the installation is complete otherwise you may face issue in running Astrill VPN on your computer.


Running Astrill application on PC with Linux OS:

Once the application is successfully installed in your PC. Now you can run Astrill easily. You need to click on Astrill icon to run the application. The application will asked you to enter your Astrill login details which includes username and password. ON the next screen you will be able to get connected with Astrill VPN servers. By using drop and down option, you can switch to different Astrill VPN servers.