How to set up Astrill VPN on android phone

The Astrill VPN Client enables you to browse anonymously. In this regard, you are able to hide your identity while using the Internet. To enable the use of Astrill on your android phone, you need to follow the instructions below precisely.

  1. Launch Settings from your and android phone.
  2. Click on Wireless & Networks.
  3. Choose VPN settings.
  4. Choose Add VPN.astrill-android-1
  5. Although the number of VPN networks that you may add on your android device is virtually unlimited, we will focus on using Astrill. Therefore, click on Add PPTP VPN which will lead you to creating your first VPN connection.
  6. On the Astrill website, you can find a list of servers that work with Astrill L2TP, PPTP,  and IPSec. The names of the servers are the same for all the 3 VPN types and can be found at
  7. On the VPN name, use Astrill PPTP.
  8.  For the Set VPN server use GTX1.ASTRILL.NET. This server can be found on the list of servers available.
  9. On the Encryption option, ensure it is not checked. The message you should get is PPTP encryption is disabled.
  10. Click on the Save button to save your settings.
  11. Select Astrill PPTPin order to select the newly created VPN connection.
  12. Before the connection to the client is completed, you should enter your Astrill VPN credentials that is the login and password.
  13. In Username, key in Your Astrill VPN membership email address.
  14. In Password, Your Astrill VPN membership password should be keyed in.
  15. For ease of use, choose on the option of Remember username.
  16. Tap on the Connect button.
  17. You should now see the message Astrill PPTP VPN connected in your title bar. You have successfully connected your android device.
  18. You can check your IP address at
  19. You can now browse the Internet at your own pleasure.

Ensure that the proxy settings are disabled when using PPTP, L2TP or IPSec VPN over 3G as it will likely not work well. With these settings in place, you can use your device without a worry on who is sneaking on your privacy. With Astrill, you are able to keep your IP address hidden from those who want to hack into your accounts and out your online identity in jeopardy. The good news is that your identity is protected even in public places such libraries, airports, cafes and the bus stop. Best of all, you remain anonymous to those looking for your IP address online. Astrill also gives you the capability to browse the Internet in your own native language without having to use annoying language translation services which fail at best. This service allows you to skip geo-restrictions on your browsing experience. You also have the capability to access and use P2P (person to person) applications such as Skype and others without limitations on your experience. Use this service on many other devices besides your android phone. We have services that can be used by both private individuals and public firms for their security and peace of mind.