How to set up Astrill VPN on iPhone

Following the next steps

  1. You can download iOS version of Astrill application from the link and then click on Apple Store icon
  2. Then tap on Cloud/Download button to continue with the downloading and installation of the App.
  3. After the downloading & installation is finish, kindly click on Open to load the application.
  4. After a successful login, you will be able to see a Welcome Note from Astrill.
  5. Then a notification message will prompt up for installation of new VPN profile :
  6. You will have to confirm the installtion of the VPN Profile, you will have to provide your 4-digit iphone passcode :
  7. Then kindly tap on ‘Done’ to switch back to the application.
  8. Kindly tap on the drop-down list for changing Server/Country:
  9. Then you will be able to select any of the preferred server, as mentioned in the screenshots below
  10. To connect with the selected server, kindly press on the red button(labelled as OFF); so that the button can be switched ON:
  11. After processing the connection will be established successfully.

Other Settings


  • The Invite button can be used for sending the invitation of Astrill VPN to your Friends.


  • You can enable Astrill VPN Profile to be set as Always On, so that you do not need to enable it every time.